I am a largely self taught artist/photographer living on the coast of the East Riding of Yorkshire UK. My art style(s) in pastel have evolved naturally by trial and error (mainly lucky accidents) and by not being hampered by too much knowledge. :) Up until recently my main focus has been on people and life drawings/paintings with the occasional diversion of a still life. My subjects are more varied now and include seascapes and landscapes but getting a good likeness of a person still gives me an enormous kick. I've had a number of sales (both home and abroad). It's always rewarding when someone likes your work enough to part with their hard earned cash. It speaks volumes and is a great confidence booster.
Most of my work is in pastel, a medium that was convenient when I worked full time. Now I'm retired I'm exploring the potential of oils to give me more range. Although I am largely self taught I have been influenced by a number of artists and strive to emulate them but in my own way. The more I learn the more I realise how little I know.

...has been a passion of mine from way back in the old 35mm days. Thankfully I no longer have to spend my evenings elbow deep in chemicals. :) I get great satisfaction from producing well received images be it with studio portraits or weddings. I relax when I hear "Ooh! I like that one!" I have my own home studio and am always looking for sitters. I have years of experience working with both professional and amateur models. I never charge for studio sessions - I do it because I enjoy it - so if you'd like some enduring images or even want to build up a portfolio please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm very approachable and will always reply promptly.

I hope you like what you see in the galleries. Some of the artworks are for sale so if you're interested please contact me.